Takeaways from Devex World Conference 2022

Board Member Kerry Sturgill attended Devex World 2022, a conference bringing together thousands of practitioners, philanthropists, and development leaders to discuss pressing global development topics.

Global development funding needs an overhaul. That is one key message from Devex World 2022. As a small non-profit participating in the big world of global health, BLFA was excited to attend Devex World 2022 to learn how the global development community is reshaping itself to think AND act locally. We know it takes a village to reach a village, and the Devex community is ready for action.
It was exciting to see new and different strategies from big investors such as the International Money Fund (IMF) and World Bank. It was even more exciting to hear about the astounding innovations that came out of the COVID Pandemic, proving that listening to what local communities need is crucial in a crisis.

One example of acting quickly and ethically to meet the needs of the most vulnerable is Togo's minister of digital economy and transformation who led her team to create a digital cash program in 10 days that reached thousands of people in poverty. The funding was put into local hands who shaped a solution that they have now offered to share with other countries.
It was reassuring to know that BLFA’s mission is on the right path because all our work is based on specific local needs and local solutions. From farming solutions for nutrition to comic books for community education, we are listening to what is needed on the ground.

We here at BLFA will continue to listen and observe what is going on in global health innovation. We hope you will too and will contact us with what you hear is working. If you want to learn more about Devex World 2022 connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Yours in improving global health,
Kerry Sturgill, Board Member
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