Community Outreach

Broadening Community Outreach

Speaking the same language reduces fears.

Saint Mary’s Lacor Hospital, Gulu, Uganda - A multilingual Medical Social Worker and a Nurse travel to more remote villages. Speaking in native languages and following cultural norms, they educate people on cancer diagnosis and care and address caregiver fears. The program includes meeting with traditional healers and health workers to address misinformation and their hesitations to encourage families to seek care. The program also includes a call-in radio program and a video that includes families from the local area that have been involved with the program.

Storytelling establishes trust.

UNC Project Malawi, Lilongwe, Malawi - In Malawi, storytelling has proven to be a very effective way of educating the public and diffusing myths about cancer. Starting In 2022 Project Malawi is collaborating with a well-respected TV director to produce a 45-minute soap opera on pediatric cancer education. It will be aired nationally on one of the most viewed soap operas in the country and in the waiting areas of the hospital. The esteemed Dr. Kate Westmoreland is the brainchild of this program. Kate leads UNC Project-Malawi’s pediatric and adolescent hematology-oncology research activities and is known for her innovative programs.

Other BLFA Storytelling Projects

Comic Book

Superhero “The Guardian” encourages children 
to notice health issues and take action.
View Full comic

Music Video

Malawian pop star LuLu created Cancer 
is Curable airing in popular media.
Watch the video

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