What We Do

We Take a Holistic, End to End Approach to Curing Children

Being a parent with a child with cancer. You want to ensure you have the best doctors, care, and support systems in place as you embark on a journey you never considered imaginable.
Now imagine…
You live in a country that has minimal expertise and services for children with cancer.
Every child, no matter where they live, deserves the same access and services to cure their cancer.

We Broaden Community Outreach

Throughout lesser developed countries, particularly in more remote communities there is little understanding of the warning signs of severe illness like cancer. Local health care workers lack training. People often rely on their trusted local healers for advice and cures.
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We Improve Cancer Diagnosis

Early and accurate diagnosis is CRITICAL to a child’s survival. There simply are not enough Pathologists in Sub-Saharan Africa. The turnaround time for the diagnosis is often weeks versus a few days in more developed countries. Accurate diagnosis is often lacking. Cancer may be identified, but the type of cancer is key to the medical protocol for a cure.
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We Expand Patient Advocacy

It is always encouraging to see children come to the clinic for help. It is deeply saddening to see their families abandon treatment mid-stream. From the moment of diagnosis through treatment, there are numerous hurdles families face. Transportation, housing, nutrition, social pressures, lack of psychosocial support and lack of regular direct communication with clinics are some of the key reasons why families abandon treatment.
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